Is Mold Remediation Necessary?

mold removal and remediation services

Have you found mold in your home? If not, the rise in mold remediation may have you concerned that your home could be the breeding ground of all types of dangerous mold. In order to better understand this service, and whether or not you need to contact a mold removal company such as EJH Construction, we will go over the basics of mold and mold remediation.

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Dangers of Mold
Despite the dire warnings that many mold removal companies use to scare homeowners, not all mold is life-threatening. Some types of mold are particularly dangerous to the health of some individuals, and others are more benign. Unless you are able to distinguish the two, however, it may be beneficial to remain cautious whenever you see mold in your home.

The most threatening mold produces mycotoxins. These can cause all manner of respiratory health issues, particularly for individuals who already have health concerns. Homeowners with asthma are at particular risk when it comes to mold. However, the CDC states that serious health concerns are rare when it comes to common household mold.

Mold Concentration Levels

The best time to call mold removal companies is when your home has a large concentration of mold. More than a three foot square of mold is classified as a health concern that requires professional removal.

While you may be more concerned with an older home, newer homes are actually more prone to mold growth. Newer homes use more airtight and energy-efficient designs, which allows moisture build up that can encourage mold growth. Without proper venting, a new home can quickly foster mold growth.

What Is Mold Remediation?

Professional mold remediation companies use three basic steps to restore your home. You’ll enjoy clean air, surfaces and avoid any health concerns. Here are the three steps for most mold removal projects:

  • Containment
  • Cleaning
  • Addressing moisture and humidity

Dangerous mold growth typically occurs near your vents. Your HVAC system has the potential to allow a minor mold spot to spread mycotoxins all throughout your home. The best way to prevent this is through professional use of air filtration and air scrubbers.

Next, an FDA-approved biocide can disinfect your home. Clearing any existing mold can stop the spread of potentially dangerous spores. While many homeowners use bleach to attempt to remove mold, this isn’t an FDA-approved solution.

Simply removing the mold is ineffective if you don’t also remove the food source. Mold needs water to grow, so the next step of mold remediation is to identify the water source. Some homes need additional venting to remove excess humidity, while other homes have mold growth due to leaky pipes or flood damage. Whatever the case, be sure you choose a mold removal team that offers complete remediation.

Choose an Expert

There are many companies and contractors that offer mold removal services. However, if you choose a service by a general contractor, you may not receive thorough remediation. Because of the popularity of mold removal remediation, many contractors are offering this service without the industry-specific experience.

Expert mold remediation involves highly specialized equipment and an understanding of the many causes of mold growth. They can give you the thorough cleaning and prevention you need. If the source of the issue isn’t properly identified, the mold will continue to reappear.

Finding a Mold Remediation Expert Near You

If you’re ready for expert mold remediation that not only cleans your home effectively but offers prevention, contact EJH Construction today. We work with your insurance provider in the event of a natural disaster, and have extensive experience in identifying the causes of mold growth. Not all mold growth is dangerous, but all mold growth can be effectively removed by our licensed and experienced team.