Disaster Mitigation and Restoration

Restoration Companies Near MeLooking for “Restoration Companies Near Me?” Our disaster recovery experts understand the needs of our clients and are trained to look beyond the surface to find any potential damage hidden under floors, inside walls and above ceilings.

The Disaster Mitigation and Insurance Restoration Team at EJH Construction has helped thousands of residential and commercial property owners recover from disastrous events. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to efficiently assess your immediate construction needs, secure your property to prevent further damages, and restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition.

Our highly-trained professionals and large fleet of pre-loaded, fully-equipped, emergency vehicles are ready to respond swiftly to any commercial disaster. You can trust that our team has a clear understanding of your rights as a property owner, as well as the responsibilities of your insurance carrier. We will assist you throughout the decision-making process, saving you time, money and unnecessary frustration. Our state-of-the-art equipment and science-based mitigation and restoration services combine to expedite your recovery in a cost-effective manner.

  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Hail
  • Mold Removal Service
  • Smoke
  • Vandalism
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Wind
  • Fallen Trees
  • Vehicle Damage

Emergency Restoration Company

If you are in need of an experienced insurance restoration company, look no further than EJH Construction, a construction and disaster response company with over 40 years of experience and a sterling national reputation. While your insurance company may provide a list of suggested contractors, it is crucial to understand that insurance providers are for-profit institutions, and their goal is to retain as much money as possible during the claims process. Therefore, to ensure that you receive the coverage and compensation owed to you through the claims process, it is necessary to understand and fight for your rights as a policyholder, so reputable disaster restoration services and restoration companies of your choosing can restore your property.

Current and Complete Policy Information

You have a right to the most up-to-date policy information whenever you need it. Therefore, when a disaster occurs, do not fret over the location or survival of insurance documents. Call your insurance provider, as you should after a disaster, and request a complete copy of your policy. While some insurers may encourage you to work closely with them and a third-party administrator, it is critical that you also have documentation of your coverage to ensure fair representation and valuation during the claims process.

Settlement Acceptance or Challenge

You also may accept or challenge a settlement offer on your claim. Again, insurance companies are for-profit and dislike shelling over thousands upon thousands of dollars to cover disaster restoration service expenses, even if your policy says they must. Therefore, it is necessary to use restoration companies who understand the valuation process and use the same equipment and tools in their estimation processes to ensure a polished defense of why you agree or challenge the findings of the insurance adjuster.

However, you also must understand that challenging or rejecting an offer may not result in a counteroffer or the acceptance of your valuation. If you believe strongly in the estimate provided by your contractor, then you may need to fight the settlement in litigation.

Contractor Selection

Your insurer or the third-party administrator in charge of your case will probably provide a list of preferred contractors. You do not have to choose any of the recommended emergency restoration services offered. If you search “restoration companies near me” You will find many contractors with preferred status have implicitly agreed to save the insurer money by limiting work and failing to repair properties to pre-loss conditions. While this practice is not used by all insurers and not explicitly illegal, it is unethical, and consumers need to be wary of this approach to claims resolutions.

Complete Restoration

When considering emergency restoration services and the extent of the restoration process, it is essential that property owners realize that they have a right to restoring their property to its pre-loss condition, meaning materials, construction and standards. Therefore, while some claims administrators may try to talk you out of certain materials in favor of less expensive alternatives, you can reject these proposals. Do not allow intimidation or pressure tactics to work. You paid for your coverage, entitling you to full recovery and restoration.

Explanations and Understanding

As the claims process is full of bureaucratic insurance dialogue, it is understandable that you may get confused. Ask questions, and don’t just accept answers. Make sure you understand the response. This is another reason to have a chosen, certified restoration company such as EJH in your corner because we can help clarify the process, policy and language for you.

Insurance companies offer a necessary service, but that does not mean they always have your best interest in mind. While they may provide a list of disaster restoration services, you may be better served to select your own. EJH Construction is an experienced, certified and licensed emergency restoration service and restoration specialist with a reputation built on the principles of reliability, integrity and transparency. Contact a representative today for help as you wade through the claims process.

EJH Construction Inc Reviews

“WOW! EJH responded quickly when called for water damage caused by a leak. They promptly removed the affected carpeting and drywall. The next day they were replacing the drywall, mudding and taping and ordered the replacement carpet. Within three days they were completed with the repairs. Chris and his crew were very responsive to our concerns and even worked on the weekend to ensure the repairs were completed with in our timeline. I strongly recommend this company!”

Dan C.