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Storm Damage Restoration

Flooding from heavy rain, broken pipes, a failed sump pump, or sewage backup all can cause devastating water damage. Our storm disaster restoration experts will act immediately to mitigate further damage that can otherwise occur. Disaster restoration services are our specialty!

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If an area remains untreated, mold growth can occur within 24 hours.

Storm damage restorationWhen disaster strikes, you need a comprehensive storm damage restoration company who can help you reclaim your sense of home. Cleaning water damage, rebuilding your home, restoring your air quality and reclaiming your personal belongings are all essential services that EJH Construction provides. Discover we can help you turn your damaged house back into a safe home.

In addition to restoration of storm inflicted damage we also specialize in water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, wind damage restoration, and more. We are also an expert mold removal company who excels in mold remediation.

In the case of storm damage or sewage backup, the area may become contaminated and hazardous to your health. Storm damage restoration and flood restoration cleanup will need to be done in a timely fashion. Untreated water damage can also cause serious structural damage resulting in extra restoration costs for you and your insurance company.

Fortunately, our industry-leading equipment can address such time-sensitive concerns and provide the necessary storm damage restoration services.

We can dry and restore water-damaged areas in record time using:

  • Air Movers
  • Blowers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • e-Tes Drying Systems
  • HEPA Air Scrubbers
  • Injectidry
  • Thermal Energy Systems
  • Water Extractors

Common Causes of Storm Damage

Storm damage is a general category that can include a variety of disasters. Find out from your insurance provider if your policy covers each of these storm damage causes. Depending on your location, here are a few natural causes that can affect the safety and integrity of your home:

  • Ice dams: Snowstorms can cause major accumulation on your roof. When your roof begins to heat the bottom of the snowbank, it can cause an ice dam to form. This allows water to pool and enter your roofline.
  • Hurricanes, tornadoes and high winds: Wind-related damage is a common type of storm damage. High winds can rip shingles off your home, damage siding or knock a tree down on your home.
  • Lightning damage: If your home is properly grounded, the biggest issue with lightning is falling trees and limbs. However, a lightning strike can cause your home to lose power, which can affect your electronic devices. A lightning storm combined with freezing nightly temperatures could cause your furnace to cease working and your water lines to freeze.

Some of these disasters may be more likely than others, but you need a restoration company that is knowledgeable and experienced with any disaster that may strike. Before we provide prompt and professional restoration services, learn how you should respond in the event of a damaging storm.

What to Do in the Event of a Disaster

The first priority in any disaster should be the safety of you and anyone else in the building. Stay away from any damaged areas of your home. If there are strong winds or a tornado in the area, seek shelter immediately.

Once the storm subsides, be cautious checking the extent of the damage. Any visible signs of water near electrical outlets, light fixtures or standing water in a room should be avoided. Contact your insurance agent for more information. You may need to take photos or simply inform your insurance agent before beginning cleanup.

Some items that are likely to mold quickly, such as fur rugs and books, should be picked up and hung in a dry area. Avoid turning on fans or lights if you see ceiling water damage, as this could cause an electrical fire or pose a risk of electrocution.

Our Process

When you contact EJH Construction, we can be at your property within one hour. Our first priority is to assess the situation and provide you with a comprehensive plan for storm damage restoration. We follow a step-by-step pattern that has been tested and proven successful for homes and commercial buildings with all levels of storm damage.

We’ll work with you to create an insurance claim using detailed estimates of the damage caused by the storm and the cost of replacement and restoration. Our team works hard to ensure your home is restored to pre-loss conditions.

Our Commitment

Above all, our commitment is to make your damaged house feel like home. Whether it’s minor water damage from missing shingles or an immense project with flooded rooms and massive structural damage, we have the skills and experience necessary to help you get back on your feet. Work with a team who is dedicated to providing:

  • Reliable services
  • Responsive assistance
  • Honest assessments
  • Relationship-oriented services

Contact us today at EJH Construction to learn more about our restoration services. Any amount of storm damage is no match for our highly trained crew and years of experience.

EJH Construction Inc Reviews

"WOW! EJH responded quickly when called for water damage caused by a leak. They promptly removed the affected carpeting and drywall. The next day they were replacing the drywall, mudding and taping and ordered the replacement carpet. Within three days they were completed with the repairs. Chris and his crew were very responsive to our concerns and even worked on the weekend to ensure the repairs were completed with in our timeline. I strongly recommend this company!"

Dan C.

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