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Water Damage Restoration

Looking for "water damage restoration companies near me"? Whether your property is under water or there is a drainage pipe failure, EJH Construction is your go-to problem solver for water damage restoration and water cleanup services.

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Water Damage Cleanup Companies

Our emergency restoration services and water damage restoration team members are experts who understand the needs of our clients and are trained to look beyond the surface to find any potential damage hidden under floors, inside walls and above ceilings. It is best to take care of a burst pipe in a wall as soon as possible.

water damage restorationOur highly-trained water damage restoration professionals and large fleet of preloaded, fully-equipped, emergency vehicles are ready to respond swiftly to any home water damage restoration project. EJH specializes in mitigation and water cleanup services to prevent further damage and renovation to swiftly return your property to its original condition.

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EJH Construction is a water damage cleanup company and fire damage restoration company with locations in Farmington Hills and Livonia, Michigan. We specialize in water damage restoration for residential and commercial properties, and understand the importance of a quick response when the inexplicable happens; especially damage from a sudden pipe break, sewage backup or flood. We know that when your property is underwater, you need to act to minimize the loss. EJH's water cleanup services team is capable of performing not only the cleanup but the rebuilding.

Water damage can occur from a variety of circumstances, whether it be a flooded basement, frozen or burst pipes, clogged drain overflow, appliance leaks, ice damming, it may even require sewage removal. EJH is fully capable of assisting immediately following any type of emergency water damage situation.

1. Emergency Response

water damage cleanup companiesThe critical component of any water damage restoration is response time because a quicker response equals less loss experienced. EJH responds within an hour to any disaster. Therefore, as soon as an issue arises, call us for help. If you are dealing with a pipe break from a supply line, then shut off the source to limit further exposure and contamination, and then wait for our water damage cleanup companies response team to arrive. Upon arrival, EJH's water damage restoration team will assess the property and the extent of the damage, at which point we will discuss a plan for mitigation and cleanup with the owner or manager directly to receive approval before continuing. Following the restoration if there are any issues with mold, EJH is an expert mold removal company and can take care of any mold remediation needs.

2. Disaster Mitigation

Once approved but before beginning the water cleanup services, the team will resolve the underlying issue to prevent further property loss, meaning that if a broken pipe is causing the flooding, they will patch or repair it. After the repair, it may be necessary to board up or tarp the facility to, again, mitigate further damage and protect your claim.

Upon completion of mitigation tasks, EJH's water damage cleanup companies workers will clean the building. We will extract all excess water and sewage, use drying equipment and remove and protect salvageable items while also discarding debris. For sewage backups or other external flooding, our cleaners will disinfect the affected areas in compliance with the licensing and protocols of regulating and certifying bodies, like the IICRC.

3. Scope of Work and Claim Management


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