What To Do After a House Fire

A residential fire is the worst nightmare for many homeowners. From the risks to the loss of sentimental items, a house fire symbolizes disaster in more ways than one. The most grueling aspect of such an experience is the lasting effects of the disaster. When the flames are out, the fire department has left, you are left with the aftermath and quite literally ash. In these sobering moments, when anxiety is gone and the shock settles in, it is challenging to fathom the experience’s extent. What do you do after the fire? How do you move forward to reclaim your home? Thankfully, the process for reporting and fire damage cleanup is straightforward.

Keep Safe, Even When Flames are Out

The crucial reality of a fire disaster is lasting. The flames being out does not mean it is safe to reenter your house. Fire changes the air’s chemical composition and specific materials in your home; these changes can be toxic. Beyond the potential toxicity of the interior, the blaze can compromise the structural integrity of the residence. Structural problems are hard to recognize because of the darkening effect of the smoke.
If you must reenter your property after a fire, make sure you do not do it without expert advice. Ask the firefighters on the scene or a restoration specialist if the house is safe to enter. If they tell you not to, heed their advice.

Call Your Insurer or Agent

One of your primary tasks after a fire is to contact your insurer. If you plan on rebuilding or filing a claim against your policy, the sooner you connect with your agent, the better. Insurance adjusters need to assess the property and any losses. When they evaluate the structure and the cause, you will find out if you’re covered and for how much.

Contact a Fire Damage Restoration Company

Dealing with an insurance company can be challenging and is often frustrating for homeowners, especially after experiencing a disaster. A restoration company, like EJH Construction, can help you communicate with your insurance company. We like to help make the process as easy as possible for our clients.
Restoration services also provide complete service, from mitigating and repairing structural issues to cleaning and rebuilding your home. Most companies will come when called, meaning that you could get a property assessment the same day as the fire.

Do Not Leave an Unsecured Property

After a fire, it is natural to want to hide or run from the work ahead. However, you mustn’t leave an unsecured property. If you think the fire was devastating, consider losing any valuable you have left to thieves and vagrants. As a licensed and certified restoration service, we offer board-up, tarping, and fencing services, ensuring the house remains sealed and safe until construction and cleaning can begin.

Reach Out To a Disaster Relief Center for Support

While experiencing a disaster is alarming and overwhelming, it is necessary to understand you are not alone. There are services designed specifically to help families in need, like your local disaster relief center. We can help you find the contacts for qualified professionals who can assist you through this ordeal.
Fire can lead to significant damage. The disaster can leave families potentially homeless for months, depending on the severity of the blaze. The key to survival and reestablishing a home is your response to the problem. Hiding away or avoiding the issue does not resolve anything, but quick response and follow-through will see your family back home quickly.

The items above provide a simple but effective plan of action. However, the three most critical elements are calling your insurer, contacting a restoration service, and above all, staying safe.