4 Water Damage Restoration Steps

water damage restoration steps

Whether due to flooding, a burst pipe, or broken appliance, water damage can devastate your home in an instant. When standing water is left in your home, you’re at risk of mold growth, which ruins fixtures and causes illness in people with respiratory issues. Standing water can also cause mildew, foul odors, and a highly unpleasant home environment overall. Timely intervention is essential in this case. The water damage restoration experts at EJH Construction, Inc. know how traumatic home disasters are for our clients.

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In the event of water or flood damage we offer the following water damage restoration steps, which detail each part of our effective and efficient cleanup process.


A thorough inspection provides your restoration specialist with a thorough understanding of the scope and depth of the damage. This requires advances tools to determine just how much moisture has seeped into the home, and these tools are placed directly on surfaces when taking readings. With flooding, the water damage restoration steps are often comprehensive, so it’s essential that the specialist checks all areas of the home.

This includes ceilings, walls, floors, and baseboards. After reviewing the readings, your specialist will determine whether dehumidifiers are necessary. This equipment removes moisture from the surrounding environment, which is key to preventing the growth of mold and mildew. The duration of the drying process depends on how pervasive the water damage is.

Water Removal

It’s also likely that you’ll have standing water in your home after a disaster. If so, the next step in the water damage restoration steps process entails water removal from all areas where standing water is an issue. Using a high-powered shop vacuum designed for water suction, the specialist will treat every room that’s affected, sometimes using multiple passes to be certain the area is free of water. In rooms with bare floors, the water removal process will be less rigorous. However, carpeted areas will need extensive treatment to ensure water is properly removed.


Many parts of the process occur simultaneously to restore your home in a timely manner. Drying involves placing industrial fans in areas where water has already been removed. These fans circulate a large amount of air flow, which dries that area at a much faster rate. If the damage is comprehensive the team may need to take more involved measures.

For instance, it’s not uncommon for carpets to be removed to allow water to reach the floor underneath. At the same time, specialists will cordon off those rooms that are still wet. Once a room is dry it will be reassessed for moisture content to ensure the process was effective.


Of course, once your home is dry you may still be in need of extensive repairs. Fortunately, your restoration specialist can help in this respect as well. Restoring the home to its former state can take a lot of work. For instance, if the floors are badly damaged after drying, you’ll need a new installation. Carpets may also be beyond repair, and in this case, they’ll need to be ripped out and replaced.

You may also need to address unavoidable damage caused by the restoration process. For example, it’s sometimes necessary to drill holes into the walls to ensure the home is properly dry. Failure to do so can cause mold growth in the interior of your home, which is a serious issue. If you have insurance coverage suited to water damage, many of these losses will be recouped.

The above water damage restoration steps are only a portion of what EJH can do for you. We will also prepare an estimate for your insurance company and manage the claim as it’s being assessed. This offers quite a bit of peace of mind to homeowners, who often find filing insurance claims complex. Businesses and homeowners can contact our 24/7 emergency response line by calling (800) 854-4534 today.