Water Damage Restoration Tips

From floods to frozen and cracked water lines, water can cause major damage throughout your home. Extensive water damage could not only ruin materials and belongings in your home, but it could also cause harmful mold growth that could affect your health. If you’ve been the victim of water damage, find out how EJH Construction, one of the leading water restoration companies in Michigan, can help you restore your home. Some of the emergency restoration services EJH offers include expert water damage restoration and fire damage restoration. EJH is also an expert mold removal company and can handle all of your mold remediation needs.

First Steps of Water Damage Cleanup
Before you take action to clean up your home, make sure it’s safe. Depending on the type of water damage, there are many factors to consider. Here are some basic steps to take to ensure you and your family are safe:

  • Turn off water, power and gas to your home
  • Inspect your flooring for any structural damage, such as a cracked foundation or sagging floors
  • Inspect your ceilings for sagging, cracked or broken areas
  • Be sure your gas lines and water lines are intact before turning back on
  • Be sure your electrical wiring and appliances are completely dry and safe before turning your electricity back on

Once you’re sure you and your family are safe, it’s a good time to call your insurance provider. Explain the situation and see if your insurance will cover any damage. Often, an insurance provider needs to be notified before you take any steps to clean your home, otherwise, the damage may not be covered if you contact any water damage restoration companies.

Initial Cleaning
water damage restoration tips

From minor leaks to major flooding, it’s important to assess damage and determine an action plan. You’ll want to inspect every area of your home that could be affected by the water damage. If the water damage is from a burst water line, it may be relatively safe to clean up with towels. Flood water and cracked or overflowing sewer lines can be hazardous. Take great care when coming in contact with these, and consider contacting a water damage restoration company immediately.

In order to establish your water and gas are safe to turn back on, you’ll need to inspect each area. Begin cleaning debris and removing water, if able. Don’t use a personal vacuum to remove water, and be cautious when coming in contact with grey or black water.

Wet/dry vacuums are excellent for removing water, but you may not be able to turn your electricity on if any appliances or walls and ceilings with outlets have water damage. Begin by cleaning and removing water from these areas and don’t attempt to make any electrical repairs on your own.

Common Mistakes in Water Damage Cleanup
With your power out and your home in disarray, many homeowners make dangerous mistakes when attempting to clean up or return to a sense of normalcy. First, don’t attempt to use a generator, charcoal or gas grill or other outdoor cooking devices in your home.

Despite the extensive damage, don’t forget to continue to remove your garbage. Food waste and water together may attract rodents and pests to your home. Finally, don’t let standing water stay in your home. This could not only cause more damage and encourage mold growth but in the summer it could also attract mosquitoes who will breed in your home.

Call a Professional
For major water damage, there’s only so much you can do without the right equipment. At EJH Construction, our team has the latest gear and experience to handle any level of home water damage restoration. From cracked pipes to flooded basements to water-soaked electrical wiring, we can restore your home safely and efficiently.

Water damage can be a trying time. If your home needs immediate and extensive water damage restoration, >contact us today. EJH Construction can help you reclaim your home and restore it to a safe and healthy place to live.