Burst pipe damages basement and meeting area of Masonic Lodge

Masonic Temple 1

Name: Masonic Lodge
City: Lansing, Michigan

The damage from the burst pipe was significant and affected the basement of the property. The masonic lodge, annex room, bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, and common areas were saturated.  The basement was dried and water damaged materials were removed in the mitigation process.

EJH’s Solution

Because of EJH’s unique skillset in handling commercial properties, Masonic Temple’s property manager chose EJH. EJH crews traveled daily for 6 weeks to Lansing to restore the property to its pre-loss condition. Contents were moved to a temporary location within the building. Floors, drywall, paneling, trim, and cabinetry were replaced. The mechanicals within a commercial property are more complex and require highly skilled contractors to address upgrades and repairs to plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. By adhering to a strict schedule and having ample resources, EJH was able to successfully complete all repairs in minimal time. Since EJH has years of experience coordinating a commercial insurance claim for water damage, the project manager expedited the claim and restoration process to make the building usable to its members during reconstruction.

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