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Maintenance and repair are among the most necessary aspects of homeownership, but for many, they are also among the least appealing. For those searching for “home repair contractors near me” or home renovation contractors, you know that when handling home repair and maintenance tasks, you have two basic choices: do it yourself or hire a professional home repair contractor. The type of professional you hire depends on the task itself.

A simple, one-task job can probably be handled by a handyman, but a more extensive job may require home repair contractors like the professionals at EJH Construction.

The following situations may exceed the scope of services that a handyman can offer, requiring general contractors, construction contractors or a home renovation contractor instead.

1. Repairs or Restoration Are Required Because of a Disaster

Home repair contractors near meWhether it is a fire, flood, or a weather event such as wind or hail, a disaster often causes extensive damage that requires home repair contractors as soon as possible. A typical handyman may be over his head in such a situation, unable to make the needed repairs in the timely fashion required.

You should think about hiring home restoration services that have experience with these types of emergency situations instead. Because time is of the essence, home restoration companies are prepared to spring into action as soon as disaster strikes.

2. The Repair Involves Multiple Systems

Sometimes an apparently simple repair is a lot more complicated than it seems at first. For example, a plumbing problem may require tearing up floorboards or ripping out walls to fully address. These fall into the category of construction tasks, and neither a handyman nor a plumbing specialist is likely to have the expertise to perform them.

General home repair contractors, on the other hand, are the leaders of a team of professional general contractors with specialized knowledge, training, and experience whom they can call in to address each of the issues involved in the repair.

3. The Law Requires a Licensed Professional for the Task

Every home contains complicated equipment, such as air conditioners and electrical systems, that is difficult or dangerous to repair or maintain by anyone but a professional with specialized training, experience, and credentials. In the interest of preventing accidents and maintaining public safety, the law often requires that only personnel licensed with the state perform these maintenance and repair tasks. A handyman who does general repairs is unlikely to have either the particular expertise or the required license.

4. The Repair Task Requires Extensive Renovation

Though each may require the services of general home repair contractors or home renovation contractors, renovation and remodeling are not the same thing. Remodeling means creating something entirely new, while renovation means restoring a portion of your home to its former condition. This may mean mitigating extensive damage to a widespread area of your home, but it may also mean a cosmetic job to restore an otherwise functional room to its original condition, such as a Victorian home with an incongruously modernized kitchen.

In either case, you would probably require home renovation contractors to get the job done right. A basic guideline is that if the job requires demolition and/or a building permit, it should probably be done by a general contractor.

5. The Repair Involves the Home’s Basic Structure

Home renovation contractors in MichiganIn other words, a repair involving the basic elements of the house that provide shelter and keep it standing up. Structural repairs to a home may involve the following:

  • Drywall
  • Foundation/basement
  • Insulation
  • Roofing

One More Consideration

Regardless of the professional that you hire for your repair project, choose one who carries general liability insurance. This will protect you in the event that property damage or injury results from the job.

Turn to Home Repair Contractors When Disaster Strikes

At EJH Construction, we specialize in disaster recovery for both commercial and residential properties. Our fully equipped, pre-loaded emergency vehicles, as well as the highly trained professionals on our disaster restoration services team, are ready to respond quickly when time is of the essence. So if you need “home repair contractors near me” you can contact us by calling 888-339-7335, and we are available 24 hours a day.