Plumber Discovers Mold Infestation in Wixom, Michigan Office Building

mold inspection and removal service provided in wixom michigan

Name: Great Oaks Office Building
City: Wixom, MI

Mold Inspection and Removal Provided in Wixom, MI

When tenant had plumbing repairs, plumber uncovered mold infestation. The mold was growing on the walls in several of the adjacent office spaces.

EJH’s Abatement Mold Remediation in the Home

EJH set up a clean room with negative air pressure to contain the mold during remediation. Any wall moldings, wood studs, wall boards, and building materials that had mold growth were removed. The areas in question were sprayed with antimicrobial and hepa-vacuumed. Air sampling was performed and the results were clean. Once the testing passed, the rebuild began and the office space was restored to its original condition.