After a disaster, should I wait to connect with my insurance agent before calling EJH to secure my property?

No! You should contact a mitigation/ restoration company as soon as you realize that your property has been damaged. Once aware of damage, it is your responsibility as the property owner to prevent that damage from spreading or becoming worse. This includes things like boarding up a broken window to prevent theft, tarping a damaged roof to stop rain from getting in, or extracting water and drying out walls to prevent mold growth. The cost of securing your property to mitigate further damages is paid for by your insurance company. In contrast, damages that occur because you have failed to secure your property in a timely fashion are NOT covered by insurance. Thus, waiting to call a mitigation/restoration company until you are able to connect with your agent can be costly to you. When our team arrives on site, if there is any question regarding what work is covered under your insurance policy, we will immediately reach out to your insurance carrier to determine a course of action that satisfies both your rights and needs as a property owner and the rights and responsibilities of your insurance company. By having us there on site, you have protected yourself by taking steps to secure your property and prevent further damages from occurring.