commercial contractorsNot all commercial general contractors are created equal. You must find a company that has the experience necessary to meet and exceed your goals. A good contractor will also know the right steps to take to make Not all commercial general contractors are created equal. You must find a company that has the experience necessary to meet and exceed your goals. A good contractor will also know the right steps to take to make the renovation or repair process as smooth and stress-free as possible. To this end, we offer a variety of benefits to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We know that getting work completed within your allotted timeline is a must. That’s we’re dedicated to finishing all work by the deadline you set. This requires keeping a highly organized schedule, which also helps your project stay within your stated budget.

We’re also quite adept at managing other specialists who will be necessary to complete your project. This includes plumbing professionals, laborers, electricians, painters, and many others. Because we’ll serve as your point of contact, you won’t need to worry about coordinating with numerous individuals. Not only is this process mentally taxing, it can also prevent you from focusing on your business and its needs.

Our Commercial General Contractors Are Fully Certified

Our contracting skills didn’t simply appear out of thin air. They are the product of extensive training and certifications, which ensures our clients receive the best possible services at their commercial buildings. Here are just a few the certifications our commercial contractors have:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC)
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

In addition to our contracting skills, we also pride ourselves on offering the absolute best customer service possible. This is why we’re proud to be certified by the Better Business Bureau®. We’re also committed to creating a safe work environment at every turn, as well as following pertinent building codes and laws to ensure your project is completely compliant from start to finish.

Additional Services We Provide

Not all of our clients seek out our help for new building projects. In the event of a disaster restoration where emergency restoration services such as water damage restoration, fire damage restoration or storm damage restoration EJH with its 24/7 emergency response team is available when you need us.

If you’ve experienced water damage at your business, our mold remediation service is a must. Mold in commercial buildings can lead to severe allergy issues, as well as damaging fixtures and degrading indoor air quality. We have the tools and the know-how to remove mold and ensure it doesn’t return. We’re available 24/7 to visit your property and make an assessment on the best course of action. We know that downtime can be a real killer for businesses, so we strive to offer fast, efficient service the first time. We also use a 4-step process, which includes:

  1. Initial emergency response
  2. Cleanup and site mitigation
  3. Preparation of your estimate and management of insurance claims
  4. And finally, the restoration of your property

Benefits You Can Look Forward To

In addition to the many benefits we describe, we also promise that all of our workers have been rigorously trained and vetted before being hired. This allows us to complete work without the use of subcontractors, which can introduce added yet unnecessary complications. Because we have such high standards for our workers, you know you can expect exceptional work no matter the size or the scope of the task at hand. You also won’t need to worry about safety, since we make sure our workers use the proper methods and techniques.

How You Can Get Started

Whether you’re in need of restoration after a serious flood or need help renovating your commercial property, we’re here to lend a hand. Please feel free to contact us today to get started on your quote. We’re also glad to answer any questions you might have before we begin working on your project.

Working With Reliable Contractors Is a Must for Your Success

When you work with reliable contractors, you’ll enjoy full-service support for your construction, expansion or renovation. Most commercial projects require a whole host of subcontractors and other specialists. Receive innovative input and designs while working with a single general contractor who will organize all the electrical, plumbing, painting, construction and other renovation services required.

A renovated office building for example can improve the mood and productivity of your employees. Alternative seating options and calming, inspiring color schemes can increase employee retention and encourage employees to work late to meet deadlines.

Storefront designs are essential for encouraging customers to walk through the store and find any must-have items. Shelving distance, height and other features can directly impact the number of items many customers purchase. From flooring and lighting to tabletop options, EJH’s expert commercial contractors can assist you in setting up your business with the contracting services you require.

How To Choose a Commercial General Contractor

Be sure you’re working with a leader in your community. An inexperienced general contractor may not have the certifications or the expertise necessary to handle difficult commercial projects. Choose a qualified, experienced contractor with plenty of reviews, testimonials and a proven track record of quality construction projects.

Reduced Downtime and Minimal Disruptions

When you work with EJH Construction, you’ll enjoy reduced downtime and minimal disruptions. Disruptions can affect your bottom line. There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a nice meal, a shopping trip or another day at work when there’s serious construction going on all around you.

We work to safely divide our work area from your everyday space. If possible, we’ll work with your operating schedule to find ideal times to renovate your main work areas. Our experienced team is used to working with tight deadlines, so we can renovate your building and keep the doors open as long as possible.

Work With EJH Construction

Don’t let a stuffy office space, outdated restaurant seating or other features hold your company back. Contact us at EJH Construction to discover how leading commercial general contractors in Michigan can provide full-service commercial remodeling, construction or expansion projects to keep your building up-to-date and ready for an exciting growth period.

EJH Construction Inc Reviews

“WOW! EJH responded quickly when called for water damage caused by a leak. They promptly removed the affected carpeting and drywall. The next day they were replacing the drywall, mudding and taping and ordered the replacement carpet. Within three days they were completed with the repairs. Chris and his crew were very responsive to our concerns and even worked on the weekend to ensure the repairs were completed with in our timeline. I strongly recommend this company!”

–Dan C.