Fire damage restoration DearbornEJH Construction is recognized statewide as the leading Dearborn fire damage restoration company in the industry. We understand the importance of having a reliable service by your side throughout the recovery process, and that goes beyond cleanup and restoration.

Any fire damage restoration company you hire should be fully committed to you and be not only a cleaning service, technician and contractor but also, and most importantly, an advocate. Therefore, when looking for a disaster restoration company to see you through this challenging time, you need to make sure that they check off at least five essential assets.

Response Time

The most critical aspect of any emergency restoration company is availability and response time. When a disaster strikes, you cannot afford to be waiting for property assessments and mitigation efforts. Any reputable disaster remediation company will be available 24/7 for emergencies, and they will be able to assess your property the same day. If you find companies unwilling to operate this way, then find another business, like us. We are always ready and available for our customers, and we understand the necessity of immediate response.

Mitigation Efforts

Next, all successful remediation and fire damage restoration services are equipped and ready to handle a variety of mitigation needs. For example, board up services are usually standard practice, as are tarp and temporary fences. Good companies know that your insurance claim depends on the successful prevention of further property loss or damage. Therefore, after we arrive and assess your property, we will make suggestions for our mitigation services. If you accept our services, we will go to work quickly to ensure that your property is secured and protected against further damage from weather, animals or vagrants.

Cleanup, Smoke Damage and Odor Removal

The cleanup and odor removal phase is the point when a company can demonstrate their level of expertise. The smokey smell that lingers after a fire is not easy to remove because soot and ash have likely infiltrated porous surfaces, appliances, and even the HVAC system. Therefore, it takes a company that is appropriately trained, certified and equipped to handle the removal of such odors and to sanitize your property. Our job is to get your property back to pre-disaster condition, which includes a thorough scrub down of the entire property, possibly multiple times.

Restoration Services

While cleanup is excellent, you are not hiring a fire damage restoration company just to clean your property. You want a company to restore your home or business. Therefore, you need to find a company that specializes in building trades and has connections within those same trades to ensure that your restoration is completed on time and schedule. We are such a company.

Claims Assistance

Last, and this is where many other companies might fall short, you want to hire a professional service that provides claims assistance, meaning that they act as your advocate with your insurer. We take this part of the job extremely seriously. We understand the insurance process as well as we know the remediation and restoration process. While our clients might not be as familiar with the bureaucratic nightmare known as the claims department, we do, and as our client, we will do our best to make sure that you get the funds you deserve and that you understand your project every step of the way.

There are several companies that offer Dearborn smoke damage restoration and fire restorations, but there is only one EJH Construction. We pride ourselves on our availability to our clients and our expertise in the industry. Let us help you rebuild. Let us advocate on your behalf to make sure that you get the funds you deserve. If you have experienced a fire and need assistance protecting and rebuilding your property, then contact us through our emergency line at (800) 854-4534.

EJH Construction Inc Reviews

“WOW! EJH responded quickly when called for water damage caused by a leak. They promptly removed the affected carpeting and drywall. The next day they were replacing the drywall, mudding and taping and ordered the replacement carpet. Within three days they were completed with the repairs. Chris and his crew were very responsive to our concerns and even worked on the weekend to ensure the repairs were completed with in our timeline. I strongly recommend this company!”

Dan C.