Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services

With our 50-year history of providing mitigation/restoration and commercial construction services, EJH Construction is uniquely positioned to help preserve public health and safety. We do not take this responsibility lightly. In addition to securing and restoring properties damaged by accidents and natural disasters, we provide biohazard/environmental cleanup and residential and commercial disinfecting and sanitizing services.

Given our commitment to preserving the health and well-being of our employees and clients, for nearly a decade, EJH has been committed to using Benefect products to disinfect and sanitize both proactively and following suspected contamination. EJH Construction currently uses Benefect Decon 30 (EPA Number: 84683-3), a plant-based antimicrobial product that is approved for use in hospitals. Benefect Decon 30 is included on the EPA List N: Disinfectants for use Against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19. According to Benefect Decon 30s Product Sheet, and as approved by the EPA, “Benefect’s botanical Active Ingredient is identified by the EPA as having no known adverse effects to human health or the environment. Benefect is classified under the EPA’s lowest toxicity rating allowed by law for all routes of exposure, which include: inhalation, ingestion, skin irritation, skin sensitization and eye irritation.”  With the use of this product, there is no rinsing or wiping required, even on food contact surfaces, and there is no need for property occupants to be evacuated during or following application.

The EJH Team is composed of highly qualified professionals with years of experience dealing with hazardous microorganisms. As such, we are well prepared to help combat COVID-19. EJH Construction is an OSHA trained organization and an IICRC Certified Firm. Our project managers and technicians are formally trained in Infection Control Risk Assessment guidelines, bloodborne pathogens, and/or advanced cleaning and sanitation practices. In addition to professionally sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces using Benefect Decon 30, our team is trained in the use of HEPA filtered equipment such as air scrubbers to improve air quality by reducing the level of airborne particulate. As general contractors, if needed, EJH is also uniquely qualified to temporarily isolate rooms or areas to create negative pressure treatment or quarantine spaces. As an emergency response company, we have been designated an essential business and are prepared to assist 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.