In 1972, with one truck, great carpentry skills and a goal to serve clients across the United States, Earl John Hale (John) formed EJH Construction. He recognized the need for commercial and residential clients to receive dependable carpentry and repair services during their most difficult time: an emergency. EJH Construction has responded to emergencies ranging from boarding up a broken window to emptying a basement full of water. EJH Construction clients appreciate exceptional customer service and John’s company grew to provide emergency response 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The company’s outstanding reputation for disaster response led to more growth and EJH transformed into a two-tier business: disaster mitigation and disaster restoration. In 1980, a second generation of the Hale family joined the company, bringing additional expertise to the team. Building on the solid foundation of Disaster Mitigation and Disaster Restoration, the company expanded into Commercial Renovation. These three areas of expertise reinforce each other like intersecting rings, giving EJH clients the exceptional quality of service they have relied on since 1972.