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From minor smoke damage to a major fire, any number of disasters could affect the safety and value of your home or commercial building. At EJH Construction, we offer the comprehensive Novi fire damage restoration services you need to reclaim your property and peace of mind in Novi, Michigan and the surrounding area. Enjoy prompt response times, comprehensive restoration services, claims assistance and more from your premier fire remediation company.

Prompt Response Times

In the event of a fire in your home or commercial building, you need a team that can respond at any time of the year. From midnight emergencies to weekends and holidays, our team works around the clock to prevent further damage to your property.

This is particularly important if your home experiences a fire during harsh weather conditions. A fire during winter can not only cause damage to the interior and exterior of your home but may also leave it susceptible to water damage, frozen pipes and other weather-related issues.

Accelerated Restoration Scheduling

After placing an emergency call, our disaster restoration services team initiates our process in effectively restoring your property. Few restoration companies can beat our rapid response times. Here are the basic steps that we take for most fire or smoke damage in your residential or commercial building:

  1. Arrive at your location within one hour of your emergency call
  2. Mitigate any continuing damage
  3. Begin cleanup through water extraction, disinfecting and content removal in compliance with IICRC regulations
  4. Estimate the claim and work with your insurance company
  5. Repair, replace and restore your property with licensed professionals

We’re available throughout the entire process with any questions you may have. Our team strives to accomplish each step thoroughly in as little time as possible to quickly restore your home or business location.

Comprehensive Removal and Restoration Services in Novi

Since 1970, EJH Construction has provided leading services for those in need. Professional carpentry and cleaning services are essential in the event of a fire, so your building in Novi needs a quality team for experienced, efficient repairs and restoration.

We process follows all IICRC regulations and best practices. We use the latest tools and cleaning techniques to ensure proper smoke odor removal, mold prevention and reliable repairs of your building.

While many of your belongings may be damaged in a fire, we strive to restore your furniture and other interior items. Choose a team that is ensuring that your repaired house still feels like home. Not all belongings can be successfully restored, but we remove items immediately to avoid additional damage during the restoration process. Our state-of-the-art cleaning tools and techniques prevent mold growth and determine the extent of the fire and smoke damage.

Claims Assistance

Fire damage restoration services can be costly. Thankfully, many insurance companies cover damage due to fire and other natural disasters. We work with your insurance company and use Xactimate, software commonly used by insurance companies, to create accurate estimates in line with insurance expectations.

Our team will work with you throughout every step to ensure insurance forms are filed correctly, claims are accurate and you receive as much coverage as possible to eliminate any financial concerns during the remediation process. We don’t begin mitigation and cleanup until we have authorization and the bill is sent to your insurance company for hassle-free claims assistance.

Restore Your Property, Starting Today

Don’t let a fire take away your sense of home or your confidence in your business location. Contact us at EJH Construction to learn more about our Novi smoke damage restoration, or call our 24/7 emergency response line: (800) 854-4534. Work with certified, experienced individuals who are committed to providing relief in the event of a fire or smoke disaster.

EJH Construction Inc Reviews

“WOW! EJH responded quickly when called for water damage caused by a leak. They promptly removed the affected carpeting and drywall. The next day they were replacing the drywall, mudding and taping and ordered the replacement carpet. Within three days they were completed with the repairs. Chris and his crew were very responsive to our concerns and even worked on the weekend to ensure the repairs were completed with in our timeline. I strongly recommend this company!”

Dan C.