Commercial-Grade Glass Repair Solutions

Our innovative solutions provide the commercial installation and repair services your business needs. Here are just a few areas we work with:

  • Exterior windows
  • Glass doors and walls
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Interior windows
  • One-way mirrors
  • Security film

Choose our commercial window repair services if your restaurant, office building or hotel has cracked or inefficiently sealed windows. Our professional technicians can replace your windows with new, energy-efficient models or perform emergency repairs for a hassle-free solution. You’ll enjoy stress-free repairs thanks to our years of experience and friendly, reliable staff.

Invest in Preventative Measures

Keep your business protected with the latest security measures for your windows. Don’t wait for an accident or break-in and rely on emergency glass repair services. Instead, choose one of our durable preventative measures to protect your investment and keep you and your employees safe.

Commercial Business with broken storefront windows

Security film is easily installed over your windows. This durable film protects your window from shattering. Whether you’re concerned about flying rocks from the highway, stray golf balls from a local course or an act of vandalism, security film can help. It’s a subtle way to protect your business without altering the appearance of your windows.

Because this film is clear, it won’t affect the look and feel of your office building or hotel lobby. Security film is more effective than simply preventing the need for emergency window repair. This thin film can block UV rays and improve the energy efficiency of your window. Keep your energy bill low as you heat and cool your commercial space to a comfortable level.

24/7 Service and Support

There’s nothing worse than seeing a broken window or damaged door at your commercial location. When security features aren’t enough, you need fast and professional repair services to restore your business location. Choose a company that offers comprehensive coverage any time of day.

Our team at EJH Construction offers support any day of the week, 24 hours a day. Any emergency glass repair project can be handled quickly to save you time and money. Waiting for a repair service can be very costly to your business. Keep your business running smoothly by choosing a reliable repair service.

Emergency glass repairs aren’t the only thing we specialize in. If your doorway is damaged, our team can repair or replace your entryway. From damaged locks to bent hinges, we’ll restore your doorway and ensure your business is secure.

From Repairs to Renovations

Don’t wait for an emergency to contact us. Our team can also handle your planned renovations with the same commitment to reliable and responsive services. Ask our team about ways we can open up your interior and bring in more natural light with commercial windows.

Commercial window being replaced

New windows can improve the energy efficiency of your location and make your space look far larger than it is. Shake up your interior design with commercial-grade glass. Glass walls, doors or interior windows can help your offices feel spacious, improve views and provide a more communal workplace for you and your employees.

Contact Us Today

Whether you’ve experienced a disaster and need emergency services or want to plan a commercial renovation, contact us online or call us at 888.339.7335. We’re ready to help you find the commercial glass solutions you need, day or night. Don’t let a cracked mirror, broken window or act of vandalism keep your business from running efficiently.